Welcome to the start of an exciting
 journey with Oriflame!

Discover the benefits of joining oriflame

  • Immediate profit

    When you start recommending and selling Oriflame products, you earn an immediate profit based on your personal discount.

  • Earnings

    When you start inviting others to join your team, your profit will increase. The larger your team, the higher your sales volume and earnings will be.

  • Bonuses &
    cash awards

    By helping others to develop and achieve success you will be able to qualify for additional bonuses and cash awards.

  • Travel

    Every year you can qualify for fantastic events and conferences all around the world. Exotic destinations, luxury venues and a supercharged atmosphere!

  • Career

    The beauty with Oriflame is that It’s all up to you. You decide how far you want to go, and where you see yourself based on your ambition and willingness to put time and effort in to succeeding

  • Recognition

    With Oriflame all your achievements are recognised in a special way! It can be at a local event of your sponsor, at annual seminars or special recognition at the international conferences.

What is the First 90 days Program?

How you start your journey decides how quickly you can become successful. The First 90 days program is about giving you the best possible start with Oriflame- a guide for what to focus on during your first days and weeks, to ensure you reach your goals. The perfect roadmap to success for every new Consultant.

Get connected to our Tools & Apps

  • Business App

    Mobile application for iOS & Android – a perfect tool for business monitoring and follow-up on the go! Your Oriflame Business always with you!

  • Oriflame App

    With daily product updates, fantastic offers, beauty inspiration and expert advice, you can now have the world of Oriflame at your fingertips.

  • Personal Beauty Store

    By joining Oriflame you can have your own online shop with no extra costs! Starting your digital beauty business has never been easier.